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Digital X-rays

X-rays are a critical a part of your dental exam. Our dentists use x-rays to evaluate your dental health, and to diagnose and treat an extensive variety of conditions. Virtual x-rays are used to diagnose teeth decay (cavities), loss or change to your bone density, periodontal ailment, and abscesses or infections. Improvements in x-ray technology assist us to improve your health.

While we take an x-ray of your teeth at some stage in your dental check-up or assessment, we now use the modern day in virtual x-ray generation. Sensors are used as opposed to photographic movie, and people sensors join immediately to our computer machine via a usb connection.

Digital x-rays involve much less radiation and offer better pictures of your teeth. Virtual x-rays use much less radiation than conventional x-rays – 40 times much less radiation than a person could be exposed to in an average day. Then again, we still apply a lead apron and thyroid collar to defend different regions of your body from harm.

Faster and more correct tests of your oral health

Your dental x-rays at the moment are right away ready to view, no need to use the method of film, and no harsh chemical compounds to harm the environment. The snap shots also are higher resolution than film x-rays, and we've the capability to enhance the snap shots by means of zooming in, changing the contrast, or brightening the photos to assist us to better see what’s happening with your teeth. If you need your x-rays sent anywhere else for any reason, they may be without problem emailed or transferred.