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Athletic Mouthguards

Why Use a Mouth Guard?

The way the athletic mouth guard is to behave is a shock absorber in the mouth to guard the teeth from immoderate forces. The mouth guard also protects your head and mind from concussion if the blow is onto the lower jaw. That is a large cause in why boxers put on a mouth guard.

A properly designed mouth guard also protects the jaw joints (TMJ) from injury through supporting and cushioning the jaw joints in times of blunt forces to the lower jaw. In harsh blows this can even lessen the chance of jaw fracture.

Nicely made mouth guards adapt easily to the top tooth and gums, staying firmly in location, even if speaking, breathing heavily or participating in sports activities very actively. There are several specific layout options, but for the good sized majority of people the customized clean top mouth defend is the perfect choice. Ask us for other options that are available.